Version 3.0 for iPhone is Finally Released!

Version 3.0 for iPhone is Finally Released!

Behind the scenes for many months now, the MoleMapper Team has been hard at work developing the next generation of the app for the iPhone. This new version improves upon the previous releases in three major ways.

1. It’s easier to use

We’ve streamlined the process so that now you only need to take a single picture of a zone and we will extract the mole images from that photo. We’ve made it easier to measure moles (you just tap on them and the app automatically locates and circles them). When our automation isn’t quite right, we make it easy to fix it. Reviewing moles provides much better detail now. Re-measuring moles uses a form of Augmented Reality to help you line up your images. This not only keeps moles roughly aligned the same way, but it will help us make even better improvements in future releases.

2. It’s easier to participate

Our original process for signing up to participate was overly long and complicated. Under the guidance of our ethical review board (our “IRB”), we’ve streamlined the process to help new users understand the most important aspects while reducing the temptation to click past them without reading them.

3. We collect better data

The images we collect now are higher in quality which is critical for our scientific endeavors.