Take control of your skin health — from the palm of your hand

It is estimated that 1 million Americans are living with melanoma (the most deadly form of skin cancer). When detected early, melanoma survival rates are great — if undetected, it becomes increasingly fatal over time.

MoleMapper™ is a cellphone app designed to help you map, measure, and monitor your moles over time.

Changes in a mole’s appearance (size, shape or color) over time can indicate a cancerous lesion. MoleMapper™ gives you the tools to track your moles over time, allowing you to detect potentially harmful changes in your skin.


MoleMapper™ Enables Research

Research is hard. Research is expensive. The MoleMapper™ project, with the help of all those who participate, works to make both of those things better.

Computer scientists are currently teaching computers to recognize cars, cats, and people in images.  We, and our research partners, hope to eventually use those techniques to detect suspicious lesions in MoleMapper™ images. To get there, we have a lot of questions that will require a mountain of data to be able to answer. Your participation in our study will help us build that mountain.

MoleMapper™ Origins

MoleMapper™ was originally developed by a cancer biologist to help his wife. OHSU, in collaboration with Apple and Sage Bionetworks helped expand his legacy as one of the first ResearchKit™ apps. To learn more about his story, watch the video below.

MoleMapper™ News

MoleMapper™ is gaining momentum. This is where we'll tell you about the exciting things happening with the app and with our research.

MoleMapper™ 3.2 Released

We listened! After some usability analysis and user focus groups, we’ve made several changes to MoleMapper to make it easier to map your moles and visualize changes in moles over time. We’re already hard at work on the next release. As always, if you have any suggestions please feel free […]

Version 3.0 for iPhone is Finally Released!

Behind the scenes for many months now, the MoleMapper Team has been hard at work developing the next generation of the app for the iPhone. This new version improves upon the previous releases in three major ways. 1. It’s easier to use We’ve streamlined the process so that now you […]

NOTE: MoleMapper™ is NOT designed to provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment. Currently, there is not enough data to develop an app that can diagnose melanoma, but if enough data is collected through MoleMapper™ and shared with researchers, it may be possible in the future. MoleMapper™ should not be used in place of consultation with a physician or health care provider at this time. It is a tracking tool for monitoring moles yourself, for sharing with your physician, and is a means to engage in research.